Mrs. Kanak Mani Das (Headmistress, Agragamme School)

Our Village Learning Centers Get Libraries:

When IASF (Indo American Sevak Foundation) offered to support Agragamee education programme, the first thing we thought of was libraries for the village learning centres. Along with books, the support also included book shelves, and floor mats so that a nice reading ambience could be created. With great anticipation, we went through the catalogue of books from different book stores, and selected a whole range, including essays, stories, science writing, fiction, plays, biographies, small histories, etc., all gems of Odiya literature, which could be enjoyed by children of primary and elementary age group.
The books and shelves reached on 16th December. It had been awaited by our edu-leaders and school staff with much eagerness and everything was unloaded in a jiffy and arranged in a neat semi-circle in the hexagon hall. And another bit of history was added to this old hall of Agragamee history! Then one carton of books was unpacked, to see what was inside. This set everyone reading!
Following this, in the afternoon, there was a discussion on how to use the libraries and create interest in reading amongst the students. Ms. Vidhya Das, Agragamee Joint Director examined each village resolution of the library management committee, and advised on the proper place for the libraries. Sanu Majhi and Rama Majhi explained that their library management committee had resolved that the books would be stored in their respective homes, as there was no school or school building in either of the villages.

Inauguration of Library Programme:

The following day officials from the Block education department were invited for the inauguration of the library programme, and advised our teachers and edu-leaders about reading, learning, the value of books, and how to make libraries a place of excitement for the children. Edu-leaders, Agragamee School teachers and students participated in this meeting.
Ms. Kanakamani Das welcomed all the participants, and explained all the provisions for the libraries 17 learning centres, as also the improvements in children’s learning over the two and a half year period since the pandemic. Following this, the parents’ resolutions for proper management of the libraries of the 17 village learning centers were read out. Shri Rengu Naik ABEO (Assitant Block Education Coordinator), pointed out that children dropped out of school, because, they were not able to read the text books. When they go to higher classes, they find it difficult to understand the lessons as they cannot read, and drop out without completing their studies.
He urged children to come regularly to school, and told Agragamee Staff that they should contact him if any school refused to give a place for the libraries.
Ms. Sumani Jhodia said that she regretted till today that she had not sent her daughters to school. It was only after she began to train in Agragamee that she realized that girls and boys should both go to school and study equally! Shri Ramakant Kumbrika (ACO, Kashipur) (Assistant Social Security Officer, Kashipur) talked about the need for good education to have a bright future. He underscored that to do well in adult life one must be able to read well. Without reading one cannot do anything he said.

Shri Arun Nayak, CRCC Kashipur (Cluster Resource Centre Coordinator, Kashipur) pointed out that Kashipur is called backward as the level of education was very low. He emphasized that it was necessary to make good use of the different government schemes for education. He said education was the milk of the tigress as it will help us loose our fear! He encouraged each edu-leader to run the library properly and create reading habit in the children.
Following this the Edu-leaders spoke about how the training in Agragamee had helped them teach the children in their learning centers effectively. Shri Kabisurya Majhi spoke about the improvement in the learning level of the children, after they learned to teach using the Agragamee method. Sabita Nayak said she was very happy that children came regularly to the learning center. They were so eager to come that they came much before she came, and waited for her.
Following this, the library books were formally handed to each edu-leader, and the meeting was closed with a vote of thanks.

Details of Provision of library items to given Teachers of Education Centers:-

Sl. No. Learning center name Teacher’s Name Student No. Mate Book Almirah
01 Raghupadar Sundaru 20/49 5
02 Derunja Sanu Majhi 20/43 5
03 Kapuguda Purendra Jhodia 45/84 5
04 Katali Krusna Majh 30/52 5
05 Kapadanga Das Majhi 17/34 5
06 Bhalumaska Ramanath Majhi 38/50 5
07 Kalakani Pratap Jhodia 26/49 5 124 1
08 Semiliguda Kabisurya Majhi 15/22 5 125
09 Jhumuka Abhina Kulesika 25/69 5 124
10 Parajasila Gouri Jhodia 25/56 5
11 Kashipur Nirupama Nayak 27/42 5
12 Tayangiri Gitanjali Majhi 21/28 5
13 Peringini Sabita Kumari Kuladipya 33/37 5
14 Ratapada Sasi Jhodia 35/50 5 120
15 Kaliajodi Bina Jhodia 35/44 5
16 Kurumulumunda Sima Minyaka 5
17 Himarapodi Lodi Mandangi 25/35 5

In the afternoon, the headmistress, Kanak Mani Das, inspected the papers of all the teachers one by one. In this meeting, it was decided that if the teachers do not properly the paper works, they will be fined 100 rupees and if they are absent from the training, they will be fined 500 rupees.

Sl. No. Teacher’s Name Learning Center Name Student Attendance Progress Report Daily Details Lesson Plan
01 Sundaru Majhi Raghupadar Yes
02 Sanu Majhi Derunja Yes
03 Purendra Jhodia Kapuguda Yes
04 Krusna Majh Katali No
05 Das Majhi Kapadanga Yes
06 Ramanath Majhi Bhalumaska Yes
07 Pratap Jhodia Kalakani Yes
08 Kabisurya Majhi Semiliguda Yes
09 Abhina Kulesika Jhumuka No
10 Gouri Jhodia Parajasila Yes No
11 Nirupama Nayak Kashipur Yes
12 Gitanjali Majhi Tayangiri Yes
13 Sabita Kumari Kuladipya Peringini Yes
14 Bani Jhodia Kaliajodi
15 Sima Minayka Kurumulumunda
16 Lodi Mandangi Himarapodi
17 Sasi Jhodia Ratapada

After checking the records, registers, attendance of all the teachers, a format for listing the books for the library was asked to be drawn up on blackboard. Seeing this, everyone wrote for their own educational center. Shri Ramakant Kumbrika (Assistant Social Security Officer, Kashipur) talked about the need for good education to have a bright future. He underscored that to do well in adult life one must be able to read well. Without reading one cannot do anything he said.

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