A rights-based approach to tribal empowerment.
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Integrated approaches to help tribal and poor communities mobilize for self-sustainable development in remote pockets of Orissa

Jamnalal Bajaj Awards-2013

For Outstanding Contribution in The Field Of Developement And Welfare Of Women And Children

For a voluntary organisation,it is always the people who matter. For the powers that be, of course, that may not necessarily be the case. India does have a constitution, which has chosen democracy as its model.

The impediments have to be overcome as peacefully as possible.
Over the years, we have helped tribal communities address several critical issues of rights and controls which has helped develop a positive self-image within the community and encouraged them to take charge of their lives with confidence, challenging corruption, and ensuring proper delivery of services.

A close rapport with the underprivileged over the years has helped us initiate a process of empowerment amongst them.
Already their voice, with its plea for justice is heard across the country and across the nations. The issues that Agragamee deals with ranges from food security to advocacy, women's empowerment to natural resource management, education to entrepreneurship. We aim to provide food and voice to all.

With Agragamee's help, tribal women like Sumoni Jhodia of Siriguda village and Jatani Kanhara of Lathikumpa village and tribal men like Ghasi Majhi of Haliasahi and Domburru Jhodia of Padepadar have emerged as role models of an organic grass-roots leadership,competent to represent their communities on issues of survival and rights.

The traditional skills and knowledge of the people needs to be improved to cope with the changing socio-economic condition and environment for sustainable development.

Children have taken up the several challenges with much spirit and the time spent in the schools has given them much confidence. This, more than anything else, has assured us we are on the right path. Agragamee's model of primary education is now being replicated by different organisations.
Women's Empowerment

Agragamee has been featured in the UN Millennium Project's report called 'Halving Hunger- it can be done.' The report features one of Agragamee's best practices in watershed development. The report examines current world progress towards eliminating hunger, and calls for the implementation of seven recommendations in the areas of: political action, national policy reforms, increased agricultural productivity for food insecure farmers, and conservation of natural resources essential for food security.
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In many of the tribal pockets in several panchayats where Agragamee is working, women's groups were beginning to take a hard look at their own situation, and analyse the alternatives. moreu
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