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Agragamee, which means, "pioneer", is a group of activists and thinkers committed to working with marginalized and underprivileged communities in the tribal districts of Orissa, in India. Our efforts at initiating a people-centred development have combined an issue-based approach with programmes for socio-economic development.

Agragamee has been engaged in people-centred, culturally sensitive and ecologically balanced sustainable development of remote tribal communities in Orissa for over two decades. It began as the Social Work and Research Centre in 1981 and was registered as Agragamee in 1987. Currently, we work directly in 8 districts of Orissa and indirectly through a consortium of 9 partner NGOs called Sanjojana.

Our mission is to promote all aspects of tribal development throughout India, with a focus on Orissa and integrated approaches to help tribal communities mobilize for self-sustaining development initiatives. Our efforts are directed at establishing total human development and bringing about social change through awareness as well as forming local level organisations to ensure social justice and self-reliance. We aim to better the econimic conditions of poor communities by realising the potential of personal skills and resources.


These schools have brought in a silent revolution, helping girls from zero literacy villages pass matriculation in a matter of a few years.

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The Eco-village project seeks to create self-reliant, economically developed, harmonious villages, in 3 Panchayats of two districts in Odisha..

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Tribal women have emerged as an organic grass-roots leadership to represent their communities on issues of survival and rights.

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In many of the tribal pockets in several panchayats where Agragamee is working, women's groups were beginning to take a hard

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Projects: 1

Addressing Land Degradation and Food Insecurity: Eco-village Development with Small Farmers in Tribal Areas

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Projects: 2

Addressing Nutritional and Income Insecurity of Underprivileged Communities by Improving Access to Relevant government Schemes (Supported by European Union-EU)

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Celebration of Saakshar Bharat Abhjian On Independence Day

On the eve of Independence Day August 15 2013, SRC (Agragamee), Rayagada hoisted the National Flag in the Agragamee premises.

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